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Dolphin Intelligence

Experiments have been conducted to see if bottle-nose dolphins are self-aware. In scientific terms, self-awareness is observing an animal's reaction to its mirror image. If the animal is able to realize that the image is of itself, then it is said to be self-aware.

Most researchers agree that bottle-nose dolphins exhibit a level of intelligence greater than that of a dog and even comparabole to that of some primates--but NOT humans.
Research on bottle-nose dolphin intelligence is still continuing.
(Wild Dolphins)

Interaction with Humans
Bottle-nose dolphins adapt well to human companionship and as stated before are easily trained to perform complex tricks and tasks. We like to think that dolphins enjoy being around us as much as we do them. Is it possible that dolphins share our company simply for diversity? Some species can become bored with their own kind. Who gets more out of the relationship: the human or the dolphin? Dolphins provide us with insight into the realms of anatomy, behavior and communication. Still, our curiosity pushes us to learn more. Although we admire other animals, dolphins remain high on our list of species that fasicinate us.

When most people think of dolphins, they think of Flipper from television and film. Words like playful, intelligent, loving and friendly pop into our heads. They are seen as the aquatic verison of man's best friend. Althought there are many instances of dolphins being friendly, we need to remember that dolphins are wild animals. While humans seek them out, they usually avoid human contact.


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