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Dolphin Facts

Did you know?

  • Majority of small toothed whales are called dolphins.
    A dolphin's dorsal fin is as distinctive as a person's face.
  • Dolphin's ancestors once lived on land and looked similar to wolves, although they were more closely related to cows.
  • Killer and pilot whales are considered dolphins.
    At first glance, a dolphin's dorsal fin somewhat resembles a shark and has sometimes caused false alarms at beaches.
  • Dolphins seem to have been blessed with a well-developed sense of humor. Dolphins have been known to silently maneuver behind an unsuspecting pelican and snatch its tail feathers -- usually leaving the bird minus a few.
  • It has been suggested that the reason dolphins always seem to be grinning is that they understand our language and are patiently waiting for us to learn theirs.
  • There is a Greek legend which shows that the Greeks did consider the dolphin more than just a fish: Dionysus, god of wine and frenzy, was mistaken and was to be sold as a slave. He aroused to anger and changed the rowing oars into snakes. When the men felt "madness" coming on they leaped overboard, turning into dolphins. This is how the first dolphins were created, and why dolphins always help man.
  • Many scientists believe that early whales arose 50 million years ago from (now extinct) primitive mammals that ventured back into the sea. Two small rod-shaped pelvic bones, buried deep in the body muscle of toothed whales, may be remnants of the hind limbs of these primitive mammals.
  • Dolphins are said to spend about one-third of their day sleeping or resting, one-third eating and one-third playing or making love.
  • There are some dolphins that live in fresh water instead of salt water. They all belong to the river dolphin families. These are Ganges, Indus River, and the Amazon River dolphins.


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