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Dolphin Species: Burmeister's Porpoise
Phocoena spinipinnis

The Burmeister's Porpoise is the only cetacean specie that belongs to the Phocoenidae Family and exclusively inhabits shallow and temperate waters in the South American coasts, being endemic in the region.

Its habitat area extends from Paita Bay in Perú to Tierra del Fuego in the Pacific Ocean, and in the Atlantic, is found between Sao Paulo, Brazil to Cape Horn.

These porpoise are evasive and as a result, difficult to observe. They are shy animals that swim quickly without disturbing the water's surface.

The Burmeister's Porpoise is distinguished mainly by it's dorsal fin that points backwards and is located in the posterior third of the body, and doesn't exceed 6 cm in height. This also contributes to the difficulty in their observation. The most frequently observed group size is 2 or 3 individuals. They rarely perform leaps, have prolonged immersions and have erratic swimming patterns.

Since 1998 this dolphin has been studied by Fundación Cethus in Beagle Channel in Tierra del Fuego Province, where the main objective consists of patrolling zones in the canal where the specie has been registered.



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