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Dolphin Poems

Creature Beneath The Sea

I am a dolphin
Wild and free
Free to roam
Beneath the sea
I'll swim with you
Will you swim with me
I am a creature beneath the sea

Come with me
Into the depth
I'll show you a world
that you won't forget
I won't hurt you
If you won't hurt me
I am a creature beneath the sea

Now we've bonded, you and I
So let me take you for a ride
We'll go down deep and jump up high
You'll feel as though you've touched the sky
We'll do our tricks and make them worthwhile
We'll wave at people and make them smile
I hope you enjoyed your swim with me
Please come back, what a joy that would be
For all the creatures beneath the sea.

Susan Blunk



My Dolphin, you only guide me by surprise,
captive as Racine, the man of craft,
drawn through his maze of iron composition
by the incomparable wandering voice of Phèdre.
When I was troubled in mind, you made for my body
caught in its hangman's-know of sinking lines,
the glassy bowing and scraping of my will....
I have sat and listened to too many
words of the collaborating muse,
and plotted perhaps too freely with my life,
not avoiding injury to others,
not avoiding injury to myself—
to ask compassion...this book, half fiction,
an eelnet made by man for the eel fighting—
my eyes have seen what my hand did.

Robert Lowell



If only I could leave this awful place
and find the tranquil waters of the sea
to swim with your abandon and your grace
and lead your life so simple and so free.
But I must travel through life as a man,
as restless and as angry as a storm.
I seek out and I find peace where I can
but, to my human nature, must conform.
What must you think of me out here afloat
just looking on, your captive as you play?
Upon this large and slow and clumsy boat,
if you could speak my words, what would you say?
They say you dream of men, perhaps you do.
But, in my fondest dreams, I dream of you.

Sean McBride

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